Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth?

Do You Have Missing or Broken Teeth?

Does any of the following relate to you?

  • You have dentures but HATE wearing them. Maybe they slide around, maybe you are tired of not being able to taste food, or are tired of worrying about your dentures falling out around other people.

  • You are EMBARRASSED TO SMILE in public. You have missing or broken teeth, or have simply had several crowns done over several years by several dentists that aren't the same shape, size or color.

  • You have lost one or two teeth over time. It's harder to chew the foods you love, and you worry about smiling in public or in photos.

  • You are in constant pain, having a hard time chewing from old crowns, fillings and teeth that are breaking down and falling apart.

If so, I understand how embarrassing it is to have missing or broken teeth. You're extremely self-conscious when you speak, smile or laugh, and it hurts your self-confidence. Plus, you would do anything to be able to chew on a steak, bite an apple or eat normal foods again.

The GOOD NEWS : You can FINALLY have a mouth full of teeth that look and feel natural and can turn back the clock on your teeth and get your smile and confidence back.

We have helped many patients get rid of the embarrassment of having missing or broken teeth, thanks to dental implants. This procedure replaces a missing tooth with an artificial tooth that is much stronger than a dental crown.

The best part is that these artificial teeth look just like your natural teeth–nobody will even know you had the procedure done! And the implant could last a lifetime when properly maintained with adequate brushing and flossing.

That means you can live the rest of your life without having to be shy about smiling or embarrassed that you have missing or broken teeth. If you are missing multiple teeth, we have options for replacing several, most or even all your teeth across four to six dental implants–giving you a fresh start and a second chance at having beautiful, strong, natural-looking teeth again.

At your initial consultation, you will get a chance to meet our team and discuss all your treatment options, including sedation options so you can be sure to be completely comfortable with even little to no memory of the procedure itself. We will also discuss flexible and convenient payment options, and some procedures may be covered by your insurance.


If your missing teeth make it hard for you to chew and speak

If you find yourself "holding back" your smile because you're embarrassed

If you don't laugh out loud as much as you used to because you're self-conscious about your missing teeth

If you've lost a tooth here and there and are looking to finally be able to chew food normally again...

If you're tired of looking at a menu, wondering what will be the easiest thing to eat

...then call (443) 201-7560 or click below for easy ways to get started. We look forward to helping you–like we've helped so many other patients in Maryland and beyond. If any of the above sounds like you, keep reading below to find out just a few of the options you have, OR you can even take our VIRTUALCONSULT QUIZ now to find what option may work best for you!

Don’t Take Our Word for It...

I’ve had anxiety with dental procedures for some time, and I let my teeth go. I actually had two places where teeth were missing. I had a phobia with needles, so I explained that to Dr. Dersley and he said no problem. He explained everything we were going to do, and he was spot on.

I thought it was going to be pretty invasive, but after we went through the procedure it was pretty much a noninvasive event—no pain whatsoever. The recovery was minimal, and the implant was very easy. I didn’t feel anything.…

I don’t feel any difference; it feels like a normal tooth. I can’t tell a difference.

Before implants, I wasn’t able to eat certain types of foods, meats and such. Now I can eat on both sides. I was worried about pain and anxiety, but I had to make that step. When I came in, the doctor pretty much told me there wasn’t going to be any pain, and I said, “Let’s see.” And he was spot on. There wasn’t. I did not have any pain.”


 *Before and After Replacement of Missing Teeth, Actual Patients

“People here are friendly. They respect my time, they want to get me in and get me out, and they’re very professional. They do everything from cleaning to implants, and everything in between. It’s a one-stop shop.

I’ve had a number of dental procedures. I needed an implant, which is what led me here. Since then, I’ve had two implants, which brings it up to a total of seven. It’s been very easy, very painless.

I was going through the process from having fillings to having crowns, then root canals, and then that crown breaking down, so I decided to get implants. I wanted the longevity of the teeth, and I only wanted to pay once for the process!

Dr. Dersley is very patient, very outgoing, and told me exactly what was going to happen and what to expect. There weren’t any surprises, no regrets at all. I’d rather have the teeth than the money in my pocket!”


*Before and After Replacement of Missing Teeth, Actual Patients

“I was looking for a new dentist and had tried probably five others.… When I came here, it was thumb’s up right away.… I needed three big procedures, so I wanted to make sure I was getting the right doctors and dentists, and I got that here.

The doctors here, you can trust them. If they say everything’s going to be okay, it will be. I had never had an implant, and I had heard people say it wasn’t a good procedure. But they made it very comfortable. They walked me through the procedure, and I was very comfortable and very happy.”


*Before and After Replacement of Missing Teeth, Actual Patients

"This is the BEST dental experience I've ever encountered.
The doctor is an expert, not just a specialist"

“Dr. Graham Dersley is the GREATEST. He has everything you desire in a doctor. This includes bedside manners, compassion and attentiveness to patient needs, and his work is performed in an excellent manner. He ensures the patient is comfortable, and his staff is very courteous. Finally, the atmosphere is conducive to relaxation. For anyone who has a fear of dentists, he is the one to see and this is the place to come...- Judy

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